Al Golden

Al was the long-time President of International Marine Insurance Services Corporation (IMIS), which recently combined with Gowrie Group to bring to boaters a broader range of insurance coverages, enhanced risk management, and exceptional client service. But perhaps more importantly, Al is a long term, long range cruising boater who understands yacht insurance from the cruiser's perspective.


Al Golden was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  At the age of three his parents bought a summer place on the Severn River, and that's where he spent his summers until he was nineteen. At their summer home his Dad always had some kind of small boat, either power and sail, and as he grew, he spent more and more time on the water.  As a teenager he'd pack his Old Town Knockabout (a 14' lapstrake sloop) with camping gear and food and take off on sailing/camping trips around the northern Chesapeake.

In 1976 Al purchased the Wisp of Dawn, a Seafarer 48, and a year later she was ready for the Golden's shakedown cruise to Bermuda and back.  Those two passages were idyllic and the family, with the addition of Popeye their steering vane, felt ready to take on "The Voyage".  In June of 1978 they departed Baltimore bound for Bermuda, the first stop on their adventure. During the next two years they visited 105 ports in 15 countries and sailed about 15,000 miles.

On their return to the US in June of 1980 Al enrolled in a local licensing course for property & casualty insurance, receiving his license in the spring of 1981.  Part of the rationale for entering that business was to do what he could to make insurance a viable proposition for cruising boaters.  He specialized in marine insurance at that agency for six years, and subsequently opened his own agency, International Marine Insurance Services, in 1987.

In addition to addressing the insurance needs of inland lake and coastal cruisers, in cooperation with a major US company he established the Jackline Program in 2003, an insurance program specifically targeted toward the needs of world cruisers … the ultimate expression of his passion to find a US carrier willing to step up to the plate and provide voyagers the yacht coverage and assurance they require.