Captain Ronald C. Trossbach

Ron & Kathy Trossbach have cruised and raced their own sail & power boats over 90,000 miles. As a Moderator of Safety at Sea Seminars, Ron follows all aspects of Safety at Sea in small yachts, especially Personal Safety Equipment and Communications.
Ron is an active member of US Sailing and the Cruising Club of America Safety at Sea Committees.  He serves as the Coordinator of US Sailing’s Safety at Sea Seminars and their Moderators.  He is also the Safety Officer for the Newport Bermuda Race.  For the past 25 years Ron and Kathy have spent 3 to 6 months a year living aboard and cruising in their boats.  They first had a cutter rigged sailboat, MOONESHINE, that they sailed to/from Europe twice.  More recently they have “matured to power” and are cruising aboard a Sabreline 36 Fast Trawler, SUNNESHINE along the East Coast.  Ron and Kathy helped develop the CCA’s course SUDDENLY ALONE in 2000.  Ron is now the CCA Point of Contact for the revised course, Safety for Cruising Couples, a one day, do it yourself (DIY) course for boating clubs and associations with the mission “to provide shorthanded crew members the tools and knowledge that will enable them to avoid, and if necessary, handle emergencies.”  Ron maintains the Course materials and a Workbook, Safety for Cruising Couples, including ”Suddenly Alone” , completely updated in 2015 and sent to many individuals and clubs around the world, at cost.  Information is at .  Ron’s Great Lakes experiences include monitoring US Navy Sail Training boats at Marquette University in the 1980’s, Speaking & Moderating multiple Chicago Mackinac Race Safety at Sea Seminars at Chicago, Jackson Park and Sheboygan Yacht Clubs, and presenting SUDDENLY ALONE  to the Great Lakes Grand Banks Owner’s Association (GLGBA).