CG00601-f: Cruising America's Great Loop

February 4th and 10th 2021

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Webinar date: 
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
8:00 PM Eastern Time
Through the experiences of the instructors who are currently in the fifth year of doing the loop, this year's Great Loop webinar has been updated and expanded to two sessions. With this past year's COVID-19 restrictions expected to ease by this summer this is a great time to start planning your own future Loop for 2021 or beyond!

Learn more about North America’s Great Loop.  Gather tips and planning advice from some current Looping pros. Plan your year long or longer cruise that will take you through canals, rivers, lakes, swamps, the Atlantic Ocean and even a ditch.  To plan an adventure of a lifetime filled with fun, challenges and camaraderie you won't want to miss this webinar 

GLCC members and current in-process Loopers Mike and Deb Hervey will answer many of the most common questions about the loop in this information-packed two-session GLCCSchool webinar:  Topics covered include considerations for preparing your boat and crew for the loop, an overview of the various sections of the loop along with highlights and potential challenges, and resources that will help both in planning and along the way. Discover how the trip of a lifetime is within reach of most Great Lakes boaters. Learn how to break down the trip by season; and even into a series of day trips, to make it more manageable. Hear about the importance of partnership and teamwork as a boating couple to make sure the trip meets the expectations of each crew member. And learn why people who have completed the loop will refer to the many new lifelong friends as the most memorable reward of the trip.  Who knows, this may be your next dream adventure!

Mike and Deb Hervey started their "slow-loop" adventure in 2016 with an eye to taking their time to explore every nook and crannie along the way. If you're in the planning stages for your own loop, or just curious about the trip, this webinar will help answer any questions so you can plan your loop adventure with confidence.