Chris Parker

One of the most well known marine weather forecasters and routers in the business, Chris has sailed Sunfish, Laser, Flying Scot, Lightning, Star, various PHRF and ULDB racing boats, and his current 34' Bel Amis, on which he cruised 12 years in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Bermuda.

When not presenting seminars on marine weather forecasting, Chris and his Marine Weather Center, on a year-round, six-day-a-week basis, provide high-value-added forecasts geared specifically for providing small (typically 30’-65’, but some larger & smaller) sail & power vessels with the information they need to support good tactical decision-making. His client list includes couple cruisers, serious racers, delivery crews, day-sailors, vessels on Atlantic crossings, vessels with young children on board, physically disabled sailors, engine-less vessels, fishing vessels, tug boats, surfers, airplanes, and more. The following is but a small sampling of testimonials from his clients:

  • “Your weather reports are just exactly what a cruiser needs to be safe and comfortable.”
  • “Your weather forecasting and delivery via SSB and e-mail are excellent. Tailored for the sailor and with more detail and insight than you can get from any other source.”
  • “I always pay particular attention to your advice which for years I always find more accurate and illuminating than anything else.”
  • “Many thanks to you and your insight and knowledge, it is very much appreciated. You provide a wonderful service, have a world class reputation and deserve a big thank you.”
  • “I have 30 years as a pilot with briefings from Flight Service, never any as good as yours.”

Chris is also the author of “Coastal and Offshore Weather: The Essential Handbook”, now in its 5th edition, as well as various articles in national boating magazines.

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