Dr. Alan Wentworth

Alan’s interest in electrical events on (in) the water dated from a 1982 incident in which his daughter was nearly electrocuted as she exited the water after swimming in a nearby marina. After hearing Kevin Ritz’s analytical talk on electroshock drowning he became a “disciple” and has been trying to spread awareness of this silent killer (ESD) of those who enjoy water sports.

Dr. Alan Wentworth is a retired physician/neurosurgeon and long time boater.  He and his wife have owned a number of sailboats including a 30' Yankee sloop.  They have sailed on Barnaget Bay New Jersey, the Bahamas, and in the San Juan de fuca archipellago.  In 1996 they bought Bellatrix, a 38' Eastbay cruiser and travelled the North Channel, western Lake Superior.   and northern Green Bay