GLCCSchool In The News!

Check out the recent buzz about GLCCSchool in the boating press!

News Releases announcing GLCCSchool’s upcoming 2013-14 class year were recently sent to over fifty publications and almost 200 yacht clubs and boating organizations. Over a dozen on-line mentions have already been spotted, with more anticipated in the coming weeks. 

Following is a sampling of GLCCSchool articles already published in the on-line boating press. Keep an eye out for additional articles in the on-line and print publications you receive.

Blue Water Sailing’s online Cruising Compass, where was named website of the week!

·         Passagemaker Magazine

·         Good Old Boat Magazine's Newsletter

·         Scuttlebutt

·         Sail Angle

·         US Naval Sailing Association (Facebook page)

·         Sail World

·         USPS Ensign (Facebook Page - September 5 Post)

·         … and more