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The GLCCSchool will resume live programming in November. Please check back often.

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Cruising Guides

CG00101 Introduction to Cruising the Great LakesMurchison, Craig
CG00301 Cruising Lake HuronMurchison, Craig
CG00401 Cruising Lake ErieMark Gagyi
CG00602 Cruising the Trent Severn WaterwayWayne Leblanc
CG00310 30 Favorite North Channel AnchoragesJoe McKeown
CG00320 Cruising Georgian Bay's Thirty Thousand IslandsDave Spencer
CG00325 Cruising Northern Georgian BayJoe McKeown
CG00311 North Channel Ports & LCCNetEaton, Roy
CG00510 Cruising Lake Ontario's Bay of Quinte & Thousand Islands Areas Eric Sunstrum
CG00601 Cruising the Great LoopMike & Deb Hervey
CG00102 Introduction to Cruising Lake SuperiorFred Bagley
CG00104 Cruising Lake Superior's South ShoreJensen, Niels
CG00105 Cruising Lake Superior's Apostle IslandsJensen, Niels
CG00106 Cruising Lake Superior's Isle RoyaleJensen, Niels
CG00103 Cruising Lake Superior's Canadian ShoresBagley, Fred
Mechanical Classes 
MX00030 Fiberglass Repair TechniquesJoe Parker
MX00070 Choosing, Using & Keeping Your DinghyRon Trossbach
MX00008 Introduction to Diesel MaintenanceJim Zima
MX00001 Marine Diesel Maintenance 101Jim Zima
MX00002 Diesel Fuel Systems: I've Got the Diesel Fuel BluesJim Zima
MX00003 Diesel Cooling Systems: I'm Cool but My Diesel is HotJim Zima
Cruising Skill Classes   
LA00110 Cooking and CruisingMark Gagyi
SK00130 Navigating LocksRohde, Bill
SK00160 Happy HookingBlackwell, Alex and Daria
NA00100 Introduction to Marine RadarLarry Brandt 
SK00150 Amazing North Channel GeologySteve Wyckoff & Mike Morris
SK00180 Making the Leap to Distance and Overnight PassagemakingRohde, Bill
SK00110 Great Lakes Cruising in 26 Feet or LessBrad Lathrop
SK00170 History of RumSteve Wyckoff
SK00300 Electroschock DrowningDr. Alan Wentworth
Weather Classes   
WX00201 Marine Weather BasicsMark Thornton
WX00202 Forces Controlling The Wind / Using Doppler Weather RadarMark Thornton
WX00203 Weather Makers … Forecasting High & Low Pressure SystemsMark Thornton
WX00204 Thunderstorm Primer / Creating Your Own Marine ForecastMark Thornton
WX00205 Weather AppsMark Thornton
WX00206 Tropical Weather Forecasting for CruisersMark Thornton
WX00207 Understanding and Avoiding Thunderstorms - Parts 1 & 2Mark Thornton
Webinar Packages 
PK00901 Lake Superior Webinar Package (5 Lake Superior webinars for $75)Various Presenters
PK00903 Diesel Maintenance Webinar Package (3 Diesel Maintenance webinars for $45)Jim Zima
PK00902 The Great Lakes Weather Savvy Mariner Series (4 Weather Savvy webinars for $60)Mark Thornton