Upcoming Webinars

The GLCCSchool's 2019-20 season is packed with great webinars for any and all Great Lakes cruisers.

To see the full webinar line up CLICK HERE.

Here is the current 2019-20 GLCCSchool webinars schedule.  More webinars are always being added so check back. You don’t want to miss a single opportunity,

19th - Introduction to Cruising the Great Lakes, Craig Murchison   
26th - Navigating Locks, Bill Rohde     
7th - Happy Hooking, Alex and Daria Blackwell    
17th - Introduction to Marine Radar, Larry Brandt    
9th - Cruising Lake Huron, Craig Murchison     
13th - Cruising the Trent Severn Waterway, Wayne Le Blanc   
23rd - Cruising Lake Erie, Mark Gagyi     
28th - Favorite North Channel Anchorages, Joe McKeown   
4th - Cruising Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands, Dave Spencer   
11th - Cruising Northern Georgian Bay, Joe McKeown    
13th - Introduction to Diesel Maintenance, Jim Zima    
18th - Cooking and Cruising, Mark Gagyi     
20th - Diesel Maintenance 101, Jim Zima      
25th - Marine Weather Basics, Mark Thornton (Weather Package)  
3rd - Forces Controlling the Wind and Weather, Mark Thornton    
5th - Diesel Fuel Systems, Jim Zima      
10th - Weather Makers - Pressure Systems, Mark Thornton   
12th - Diesel Cooling Systems, Jim Zima      
17th - Thunderstorm Primer, Mark Thornton     
19th - North Channel Geology, Steve Wyckoff & Mike Morris   
7th - Great Lakes Cruising in a Trailerable Boat, Brad Lathrop   
8th - North Channel Ports, Roy Eaton     
14th - Fiberglass Repair, Joe Parker     
21st - Tropical Weather, Mark Thornton     
23rd - Cruising Lake Ontario's Bay of Quinte & the 1,000 Islands, Eric Sunstum 
28th - Electric Shock Drowning, Dr. Allen Wentworth