2019-20 Webinars

The GLCCSchool's 2019-20 season was packed with great webinars for any and all Great Lakes cruisers.

To see last season's full webinar line up CLICK HERE.

Many of these webinars are available as recordings. Please click here to check out our RECORDINGS section.

19th - Introduction to Cruising the Great Lakes, Craig Murchison 
26th - Navigating Locks, Bill Rohde   
7th - Happy Hooking, Alex and Daria Blackwell  
17th - Introduction to Marine Radar, Larry Brandt  
9th - Cruising Lake Huron, Craig Murchison   
13th - Cruising the Trent Severn Waterway, Wayne Le Blanc 
23rd - Cruising Lake Erie, Mark Gagyi   
28th - Favorite North Channel Anchorages, Joe McKeown 
30th - Introduction to Cruising Lake Superior  
4th - Cruising the Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands, Dave Spencer
6th - Cruising Lake Superior's South Shore   
11th - Cruising Northern Georgian Bay, Joe McKeown  
12th - Cruising Lake Superior's Apostle Islands  
13th - Introduction to Diesel Maintenance, Jim Zima  
18th - Cooking and Cruising, Mark Gagyi   
19th - Cruising Lake Superior's Isle Royale   
20th - Diesel Maintenance 101, Jim Zima    
25th - Marine Weather Basics, Mark Thornton (Weather Package)
27th - Cruising Lake Superior's Canadian Shore  
3rd - Forces Controlling the Wind and Weather, Mark Thornton  
5th - Diesel Fuel Systems, Jim Zima    
10th - Weather Makers - Pressure Systems, Mark Thornton 
12th - Diesel Cooling Systems, Jim Zima    
17th - Thunderstorm Primer, Mark Thornton   
24th - Weather Forecasting Apps - Mark Thornton  
26th - North Channel Geology, Steve Wyckoff & Mike Morris 
2nd - Making the Leap to Distance and Overnight Passage Making
7th - Great Lakes Cruising in a Trailerable Boat, Brad Lathrop 
8th - North Channel Ports, Roy Eaton   
14th - Fiberglass Repair, Joe Parker   
21st - Tropical Weather, Mark Thornton   
22nd - Choosing, Using and Keeping Your Dinghy -Ron Trossbach
28th - Electric Shock Drowning, Dr. Allen Wentworth  
29th - Rum - History, Interesting Facts and Trivia, Steve Wyckoff 
4th - Cruising the Great Loop, Mike & Deb Hervey  
5th & 6th - Understanding & Avoiding Thunderstorms, Mark Thornton