LA000010-f Great Gadgets and Ideas to Have Aboard While Cruising

Thursday, April 22, 2021
Bill Cullen is a professional captain and delivery skipper with over a 100,000 miles of offshore cruising, delivery and racing experience. During all of this "boat time" Bill has collected and invented a long list of creative "gadgets" that make cruising safer, easier and just more fun.
Join Bill Cullen and learn about his collection of great cruising equipment, gadgets, and useful ideas that work whether you are cruising the Great Lakes, costal waters or the deep blue seas. These ideas can save you money, save your back, and make your cruising experience lot more fun and comfortable. You may seen some of Bill's great ideas in the articles he has written for SAIL magazine. Sign up for this webinar and get the chance to see them in person and learn firsthand from the author.