MX00002-e: I've Got The Diesel Fuel Blues

Thursday, March 5, 2020

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Webinar date: 
Thursday, March 5, 2020
8:00 PM Eastern Time
Ever had that sinking feeling when your diesel starts to labor, sputter, and finally dies? In the second of his three GLCC School diesel maintenance webinars Jim Zima, owner of Great Lakes Diesel in Huron, Ohio, will lead you through a thorough and detailed look at how to prevent diesel fuel issues and what to do when they occur. From his classes at the GLCC School to his classes at the Annapolis Cruisers University, Jim Zima shows us that he is not only a master mechanic but a great teacher. Join Jim for this outstanding webinar.

Diesel fuel maintenance can be as basic as regularly scheduled filter changes to as complicated as pumping out a fuel tank full of gunk.  In this webinar Jim Zima will discuss the preventative maintenance steps you should take to insure a regular supply of clean fuel, plus cover a number of real world scenarios such as  "What do I do when I’m out in the middle of the lake and my normally clear water separator sight glass is now black?"

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