Wayne LeBlanc

Wayne, a retired software engineer, is an amateur radio operator and celestial navigator.

Wayne LeBlanc lives in Minnesota, the land of 11,842 lakes. Additional waters of interest are the Great Lakes, the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. A retired software engineer interested in sailing, he sailed the Caribbean 1500, a 1500 mile ocean rally from Virginia to the British Virgin Islands.  In addition he vacation sailed in the Caribbean and helped deliver a friend's sailboat from the Bahamas to Puerto Rico. When he bought a catamaran sailboat in Florida, he brought it home under sail to Lake Superior, Minnesota, via the Atlantic ocean, ICW, Erie Canal, and Trent-Severn Waterway. Regularly sailing Lake Superior and the St Croix River near Minneapolis and St Paul, he’s also an amateur radio operator with call sign KC0H (KC zero H) and has dabbled in celestial navigation.