Future Classes

    • Webinar

      SK00180-e: Making the Leap to Distance and Overnight Passagemaking

      Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
      by Bill Rohde
      Making the leap to that first longer-distance overnight passage can be intimidating. It shouldn’t be. From this webinar you'll gain the confidence to undertake longer passages including overnights, sharply expanding your cruising horizons. Plus, you'll find that longer passages definitely add a special dimension to the cruising experience.
    • CG00311-e: North Channel Ports

      Wednesday, April 8, 2020
      by Roy Eaton
      Cruising Canada's North Channel puts you in one of the top ten cruising destinations in the world. Join Roy Eaton as he shares his local knowledge of and experiences in this wonderful part of our Great Lakes.
    • webinar

      MX00030-e: Fiberglass Repair Techniques

      Tuesday, April 14, 2020
      by Joe Parker
      Your fiberglass repair project might not be as extensive as the one shown in the accompanying photo, but everyone with a glass boat should have some understanding of basic fiberglass repair techniques. This information-packed webinar will provide that foundation.
    • Webinar

      MX00070-e: Choosing, Using & Keeping Your Dinghy

      Wednesday, April 22, 2020
      by Captain Ronald C. Trossbach
      Buying and using a dinghy is simple, right? Well not quite. Buying a dinghy deserves the same careful considerations that would be given to buying any boat. Join Ron Trossbach as he explores what to keep in mind as you select and use your dinghy.
    • Webinar

      SK00300-e: Electroshock Drowning

      Tuesday April 28, 2020
      In this FREE webinar we introduce a recently recognized hazard to recreational boaters called "electroshock drowning" (ESD). The Dr. Alan Wentworth details personal experience in a "near miss" situation.