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      MX00070-c: Choosing, Using & Living with a Dinghy

      Tuesday, March 27, 2018
      by Captain Ronald C. Trossbach
      Buying and using a dinghy is simple, right? Well not quite. Buying a dinghy deserves the same careful considerations that would be given to buying any boat. Join Ron Trossbach as he explores what to keep in mind as you select and use your dinghy.
    • Webinar

      MX00005-c: Managing Your Boat's Electrical Appetite --- Batteries, Electrical Usage and More

      Thursday, April 17, 2018
      by Dave Seidman
      Ever come down to the dock find your batteries dead because your shore power cord had become loose and your charger was not working? Ever been out sailing all day only to find your batteries are dead when it's time to head for the dock? Are you tired of troublesome batteries and the expense of replacing them way too frequently? If so, this webinar is for you.
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      SK00300-c: Electroshock Drowning

      Tuesday May 8, 2018
      by Dr. Alan Wentworth
      In this FREE webinar we introduce a recently recognized hazard to recreational boaters called "electroshock drowning" (ESD). The Dr. Alan Wentworth details personal experience in a "near miss" situation.
    • Upcoming Webinars

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