About GLCCSchool

Welcome to GLCCSchool! Now well onto its seocnd decade, the GLCCSchool offers a broad range of webinars that will appeal to all Great Lakes cruisers. Take a look at our Open Classes and Future Classes to see what is currently available or coming up.

Over the past decade, GLCCSchool has served hundreds of students in the Great Lakes cruising community by providing a broad array of informative webinars addressing cruising-related topics and skills. Whether you're looking to learn more about the latest anchoring techniques and equipment, radar, boat maintenance, refrigeration, energy management, weather forecasting and similar topics, or are simply seeking experienced local knowledge on the hottest cruising areas in the Great Lakes, GLCCSchool has the webinar for you.  

GLCCSchool is an offering of the Great Lakes Cruising Club, a non-profit organization of roughly 2500 US and Canadian members dedicated to encouraging recreational boaters to safely explore our five beautiful Great Lakes and connecting waterways. As a non-profit, the Great Lakes Cruising Club strives to provide affordable and informative cruising-related webinars to the greatest number of cruising boaters possible, with webinar registration fees used to help offset operating costs.

GLCCSchool webinars are conducted by experienced GLCC-accredited sail or power boating colleagues and industry specialists including instructors such as solar and high tech battery expert Tom Trimmer, rigging expert Joe Parker, Starpath radar expert Larry Brandt, Great Lakes cruising experts like Past-Commodore Bill Rohde, diesel expert Jim Zima, experienced North Channel and Georgian Bay cruiser Dave Spencer, and other similarly qualified cruising authorities.

GLCCSchool webinars are open to everyone, whether they are a Great Lakes Cruising Club member or not. And members of the USPS and CPS, as well as the GLCC, can also take advantage of special webinar registration discounts. For further information on member discounts see the GLCC web site's GLCCSchool Page, the USPS web site (www.usps.org), or the CPS web site (http://www.cps-ecp.ca) respectively. 

All you need to participate in GLCCSchool webinars is a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with speakers, a browser, a reasonable speed internet connection and a desire to learn more about cruising our Great Lakes.  

Questions?  Just proceed to the Contact Us page and fill out the contact form there. One of our GLCCSchool Coordinators will get back to you.