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Our schedule is packed full with great webinars for any and all cruisers of the Great Lakes.

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Jim Zima, owner of Great Lakes Diesel in Huron, Ohio, believes that by instructing boat owners in basic maintenance, they learn to do daily engine checks and become confident in their ability to perform their own preventative maintenance services. Knowledge in these areas will keep your boat in good running order and will likely avoid costly repairs.
Learn what anchoring strategies are best to minimize each other’s stress, to maximize restful sleeps on the hook and to stay safe throughout the anchoring process. Discussions will include; choosing the right anchorage, selection and safe use of ground tackle and related equipment, and in particular, crew communication while anchoring. Those new to anchoring will pick up a good foundation of knowledge and those experienced at anchoring are sure to learn a few new things to make anchoring easier and safer through the illustrative slides.