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Weather Forecasting Apps

There are plenty of apps devoted to marine weather observations and forecasting. Let marine forecaster, Mark Thornton, help you to sort out the strengths and weaknesses of several popular marine weather apps.

Join Mark Thornton, president of LakeErieWXX and veteran GLCCSchool presenter, as he walks you through the fascinating but sometime confusing world of weather apps.

We all know that apps are a convenient and popular way to access wind & wave forecasts, marine observations, weather radar, and to prepare the most favorable route for your passage. However, it doesn't take long to lean that not all apps are created equal. In this presentation Mark will review several of the most popular weather-related apps such as Squid Sailing, Predict Wind, Sail Flow, Windy, GRLevel 3, and Radarscope. Mark will also take time to examine the underlying data sources that make apps work, plus discuss the positives and negatives associated with relying on apps for your cruising forecasts.

If you want to learn more about marine weather be sure to look for Mark’s other GLCCSchool webinars --- Great Lakes Weather Essentials and Understanding and Avoiding Thunderstorms.

Recording of WX00205-i: Weather Forecasting Apps
Recorded: Thursday, December 7, 2023
Instructor: Mark Thornton

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Meet The Instructor

Mark Thornton
Mark is one of the foremost marine weather authorities on the Great Lakes. In addition to teaching weather classes for GLCCSchool, he is also president of LakeErieWX, a company focused on providing marine weather training and forecasting for Great Lakes boaters.