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Great Lakes Marine Weather Essentials Four-Part Webinar Series

This is a webinar series that Great Lakes boaters should not miss. Boating on the Great Lakes requires many skills, but none is more important than a basic understanding of marine weather forecasting.

Great Lakes sailor and marine weather forecaster Mark Thornton has assembled an impressive series of four of our most popular webinars, covering everything from marine weather basics to the use of today's extensive internet-based weather forecasting tools. While each class is available for individual registration, many will want to take advantage of this special package price to attend all four sessions for the price of three. (Please note that GLCC, USPS and CPS members receive our customary member's-only registration discount in addition to the special package price!)

Don't miss out on this special package pricing to attend all four of these information-packed webinars.

PK00902-i: Great Lakes Marine Weather Essentials Four-Part Webinar Series

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Meet The Instructor

Mark Thornton
Mark is one of the foremost marine weather authorities on the Great Lakes. In addition to teaching weather classes for GLCCSchool, he is also president of LakeErieWX, a company focused on providing marine weather training and forecasting for Great Lakes boaters.