Brad Lathrop

Captain Brad Lathrop has a unique insight to cruising the Great Lakes as he explores the sweetwater seas from his 26 ft trailerable boat. Having already sailed 3 of the 5 Great Lakes, he brings the enthusiasm of a recent convert to his presentations bolstered by the significant experience garnered from actually "doing it". Brad enjoys helping others with small boats learn that they too can share the excitement and the beauty of cruising these Great Lakes.

Being around boats most of his life, Brad has recently discovered a true love of sailing.  He is now in his 8th season of sailing which he discovered after purchasing "Heaven Bound", a MacGregor 26 S, in the spring of 2012.  Brad’s goal is to sail all five of the Great Lakes in his 26' MacGregor.  So far Brad has sailed Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Green Bay (technically an arm of Lake Michigan, however, worthy of its own mention!)  When not “sweet water” sailing, Brad also has garnered 3 years of experience sailing the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico in his MacGregor as well.

An experienced writer, teacher, and presenter, Brad has been published a total of 5 times in 3 different magazines, the most recent being "A Cruising Guide to the Apostle Islands" which was published in Blue Water Sailing magazine. Brad joined the Great Lakes Cruising Club while attending the Strictly Sail Chicago boat show early in 2015.  His interest was primarily in the extensive information available both from the Harbor Reports as well as from the collective advice and experience of its members.  Since then, Brad has caught the vision of helping others with trailerable-sized boats learn that they too can share the excitement and the beauty of cruising these Great Lakes.  He is anxious to share his travels, experience, hints, and suggestions to get you started on your journey of cruising the Great Lakes!