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GLCCSchool In The News!

Check out the recent buzz about GLCCSchool in the boating press!

News Releases announcing GLCCSchool’s upcoming 2013-14 class year were recently sent to over fifty publications and almost 200 yacht clubs and boating organizations. Over a dozen on-line mentions have already been spotted, with more anticipated in the coming weeks.

Following is a sampling of GLCCSchool articles already published in the on-line boating press. Keep an eye out for additional articles in the on-line and print publications you receive.

Blue Water Sailing’s online Cruising Compass, where was named website of the week!

· Passagemaker Magazine

· Good Old Boat Magazine's Newsletter

· Scuttlebutt

· Sail Angle

· US Naval Sailing Association (Facebook page)

· Sail World

· USPS Ensign (Facebook Page - September 5 Post)

· … and more

Upcoming classes

There are currents in all of the five Great Lakes, and the prevailing winds and outflow of water to the ocean affect these systems. Generally, the currents’ speed is estimated to be between one and four statute miles per hour. They are therefore significant to the movement and safety of today’s recreational boat traffic, and influence both passage times and fuel economy. People who engage in long-distance sailboat racing or cruising on the Great Lakes may find Great Lakes Currents of particular interest.
One of the best parts of cruising is sharing a rum drink with friends at the end of a perfect day on the water. For centuries, cruisers around the world have saluted the setting sun, rum glass in hand. How rum became part of this tradition goes back hundreds of years.
Making the leap to that first longer-distance overnight passage can be intimidating. It shouldn’t be. From this webinar you'll gain the confidence to undertake longer passages including overnights, sharply expanding your cruising horizons. Plus, you'll find that longer passages definitely add a special dimension to the cruising experience.