LA00110-g: Cooking and Cruising on the Great Lakes

Thursday, November 18, 2021

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Webinar date: 
Thursday, November 18, 2021
8:00 PM Eastern Time
Mark Gagyi, GLCC Port Captain and long time Great Lakes cruiser shares recipes and cooking tips to save your cruise from tin cans and packaged food. Of course the cooking is always fun, it has to be when it happens in a boat's galley!

If you're serious about going cruising and don’t want to spend your money eating out every night or worse cracking open a can Dinty Moore Stew, then it is time to start thinking about turning your dockside galley into a cruising galley. 

In this must see GLCCSchool webinar Mark will share the many lessons he has learned about cooking and cruising, as he transformed his boat's galley from a dockside galley to an efficient cruising galley. Plus, he will share almost 40 recipes he has created or collected over the years. During his presentation Mark will cover the seemingly simple topic of how to pick cookware and serving pieces, to the absolutely pressing topic of how to pull something together when at the last minute you get invited to a dockside pot luck. Other topics in this webinar include recipes guaranteed to feed the crew but save the cook, what to do with your trash when there aren’t any trash cans around, and how to convince fellow cruisers you are a fantastic cook when you really know better.

Participants in this class are invited to share their favorite cruising recipes which become part of the GLCC’s Cooking and Cruising on the Great Lakes Cookbook.