MX00001-g Diesel 1: Marine Diesel Maintenance 101

Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Webinar date: 
Thursday, March 10, 2022
8:00 PM Eastern Time
Jim Zima, owner of Great Lakes Diesel in Huron, Ohio, returns to the GLCC School lineup with his popular webinar Marine Diesel Maintenance 101. This is a must see webinar for those who don’t mind sticking their noses in the engine room and want to build their confidence in knowing how to do things right. From his classes at the GLCCSchool to his classes at the Annapolis Cruisers University, Jim Zima shows us that he is not only a master mechanic but a great teacher. Join Jim for this outstanding webinar.

Jim Zima believes that by instructing boat owners in basic maintenance they learn to do regular engine checks, maintain engine maintenance logs and become confident in their ability to perform their own preventative maintenance services. Knowledge in these areas will keep your boat in good running order and will likely avoid costly repairs. 

Join us as Jim discusses the basics of diesel engine maintenance: fuel systems, fuel filters and bleeding techniques, engine and transmission oils, air filter maintenance, electrical and cooling system maintenance, impeller replacement and more. Listen as Jim provides pointers on service intervals and tips to help simplify your own maintenance efforts.  On top of all that Jim will explore some of the more complex engine systems, like shaft alignment and valve adjustment and when it is time to bring in a trained technician to assist. 

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