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      Welcome to GLCCSchool! Now well onto its seocnd decade, the GLCCSchool offers a broad range of webinars that will appeal to all Great Lakes cruisers. Take a look at our Open Classes and Future Classes to see what is currently available or coming up.
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      We think you'll find our new, modernized and secure web site easy to use, whether from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Following are a few simple guidelines to help you get started,
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      GLCC offers its members the most extensive information on Great Lakes Cruising available anywhere, plus the comradery of over 2500 like minded Canadian and US cruisers, 200 port captains to consult for local knowledge, an extensive web site with access to almost everything Great Lakes, a quarterly magazine, scores of social and cruising events, educational opportunities like GLCCSchool, Great Lakes stewardship through the Great Lakes Foundation, and more ...
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      The GLCC School has partnered with premier cruising organizations to provide you with discounts and other benefits.
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      All you need to participate is a computer (Windows, Mac, Unix or Linux) with speakers, a browser, and a reasonable speed internet connection. For Mac, OS X 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13 or above with Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome is recommended by AdobeConnect.