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Let's Take the Grandkids Cruising

Wouldn’t you love to pass along your passion for the water and your enjoyment of cruising to the youngest members of your family? For many families boating and cruising is a generational activity. Whether you are the grandparents or the parents, learn from veteran GLCC cruiser, Niels Jensen, how to make this happen for your family.

Cruising for younger children has to be fun. Fun for them and for you! Once they can safely navigate their way around your boat, maybe it’s time for you and their parents to think about going “kid” cruising. Creating activities for the water and the shore that match your grandchildren’s abilities, attention spans and interests are all part of successful cruising adventures with young kids.

Besides actually cruising, take time to get your grandchildren involved in cruise planning. For kids this is a chance to make a routine activity into an adventure. Spreading out charts, planning cruising destinations, gathering provisions using lists you develop together, checking out all the safety gear, even designating sleeping areas are all ways to make cruising with the youngsters totally interactive.

Whether it be a one-night sleep over with a five year old or a week long adventure with an adolescent, planning and executing a “kid” customized cruising adventure with your grandchildren can be a time to create memories that will last a lifetime.

While this webinars is aimed for the grandparents among us, the lessons and ideas that Niels will share are ones equally applicable for parents wanting to take their own children out cruising.

Meet The Instructor

Niels Jensen
Niels Jensen, originally from Denmark, is a past Commodore of the Great Lakes Cruising Club, past president of the Great Lakes Foundation as well, plus is GLCC Port Captain for Stockton Island on Lake Superior. His home cruising waters are western Lake Superior.