CG00311-g: North Channel Ports and the Little Current Cruisers' Net

Monday, April 25, 2022

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Webinar date: 
Monday, April 25, 2022
8:00 PM Eastern Time
Cruising Canada's North Channel puts you in one of the top ten cruising destinations in the world. Join Roy Eaton as he shares his local knowledge of and experiences in this wonderful part of our Great Lakes.

The North Channel is known for its wonderful scenery and an abundance of wilderness anchorages.  However, any boating service you might require can also be found among the charming small towns and ports that are sprinkled in this gorgeous wilderness. Join Roy Eaton, lifelong boater and native of the North Channel, as he takes you on a virtual cruise of these special ports tucked away in the bays and inlets of Lake Huron's North Channel.

As a bonus Roy will introduce you to the famous Little Current Cruisers' Net.  Founded and moderated by Roy and the Little Current Yacht Club, the LCCN broadcasts each morning during July and August, on VHF Channel 71 at 9 am.  Boaters throughout the North Channel tune in to hear the latest marine weather reports, world news, sport scores, Manitoulin Island happenings, navigational notices and most importantly, where to find the best blueberry patch.  The LCCN has become the go to place for North Channel boaters who want to stay tuned in, leave messages, and make contact old friends.

Want to learn even more about the North Channel? Check out Dave Spencer's Anchorages of the North Channel webinar that was recorded on February 22nd, 2022 and is now available as a recording.