WX00207-h: Understanding And Avoiding Thunderstorms

Tuesday March 28 and Tuesday April 4, 2023
Webinar date: 
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
7:30 PM Eastern Time
Thunderstorms can quickly spoil an outing in many ways—strong winds, large waves, dangerous lightning, waterspouts, or visibility-limiting rain. This in-depth two-session webinar will examine the various types of thunderstorms and the ingredients that lead to their formation.

This two-session (4 hour) webinar is designed for everyone who enjoys watersports (powerboaters, sailors, and paddlers) who would like to reduce their chances of a hair-raising or windswept encounter with a thunderstorm. It will explore why thunderstorms often ‘pop-up’ late on summer afternoons and why some storms have short life-spans while others persist for several hours. The two sessions will also introduce the many readily-available resources for forecasting and monitoring thunderstorms.  

You will learn the following during this in-depth two-session class:

  • A few basic weather principles.
  • How to decode the confusing symbols, color shading, and meteorological shorthand on weather forecast maps.
  • How to recognize the large and small-scale weather patterns that promote thunderstorm development.
  • The ingredients needed for thunderstorm development and their life-cycle.
  • How to forecast the potential and nature of severe weather.
  • The dynamics of lightning and a review of the latest advice on lightning protection for your boat.
  • How to use Doppler Weather Radar to assess the development, monitor the evolution, and track the movement of thunderstorms.
  • The terminology used by the National Weather Service during hazardous and severe weather events.

The sessions combine virtual classroom instruction, examples, and exercises to create an engaging learning experience.